Mummified custom case for Raspberry Pi

Another weekend went by, another productive one, I should say. From the day my Raspberry Pi arrived, I have been thinking about building a custom case for the same. Guess what, this weekend I was successful in building one:). I was lucky enough to get a hard shell case of “kenneth cole reaction” that could  accomodate the Pi, from one of my colleagues at R&H. The next task was to customize the same. I decided to build a theme based case instead of building just another “meet the purpose” case. Went to the hardware shop nearby and was glancing at things that I could possibly make use of, to build one. Came across few stuff and then I decided I am going to build a mummified case for the Pi. Why mummify the Pi? I believe something extraordinary like this need to be preserved for generations to come.

And here I present the mummified case for Raspberry Pi

Below Image show the tools and the raw materials used for building the case

And the mummification itself!


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